Large bearings


Induction heating for manufacturing of wind mills

In several cases it is not only a big advantage to heat up the workpieces before assembling but it is very necessary to use induction heating. Due to big benefits like repeatability, eco-friendliness, time savings, low noise emissions and easy operating the induction heating was generally accepted in the wind mill branch.

The compact design and the air cooled construction are qualified for mobile operating during the process of manufacturing so that single tasks and serial tasks can be well done.

Mounting and dismounting of large bearings

Due to close tolerances the demands on large bearings and main bearings are growing up. Every task for mounting and dismounting can be solved with individual designed induction heating equipment from LEIFERT INDUCTION.


Dismounting of main bearings

The dismounting of main bearings requires a lot of attention. LEIFERT INDUCTION has numerous experiences in this area and supports many kinds of such projects.

Main frame


Induktive Erwärmung von Maschinenträgern

Very often it is necessary to heat up main frames of wind mills. Large masses need to be heated up within short times. The induction heating equipment from LEIFERT INDUCTION ensures short set-up and process times.

Rotor hub


Inductive heating of rotor hubs

A special developed fixed induction coil will be used for mounting of rotor hubs. Placed within very short time the induction coil is ready to use. Due to intelligent design incorrect operation is not possible. Process reliability and repeatability of the process are guaranteed.

Planet gear


Assembly of planet gear

By reason of uneven distribution of mass planet gears pose a challenge for inductive heating equipments. For mounting of the pins two bearing seats have to be heated up at the same time.


Induction coil for assembly of planet gear

In long term experiences with gear manufacturers LEIFERT INDUCTION develops special induction coils. For every planet gear these kinds of induction coils were developed and produced.

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