Services around inductive heating

LEIFERT INDUCTION is providing a wide range of services to fulfill the most needs of the customers.

The following services are available:

Thermography of inductive heating process

It is often necessary to record the heat distribution inside the work piece. LEIFERT INDUCTION is providing a documentation of the heat treatment with a modern camera for thermography.

Onetime mounting | induction heating

For one time assemblies LEIFERT INDUCTION is providing special featured induction equipment including competent mechanics.

Leasing of induction equipment

For repeated assemblies LEIFERT INDUCTION is renting out special featured induction equipment including competent mechanics. Later on the customer is able to operate the equipment by himself. Support during the assembly process is guaranteed to obtain a good result.


To ensure full functionality all the time LEIFERT INDUCTION is providing individual maintenance and service contracts. The customer can choose from preventive measurements over spare parts on stock to specific logistical solutions.

Measurement report in accordance with BGV B11

To protect their employees the company needs to fulfill special rules. LEIFERT INDUCTION is providing detailed consulting and is capable to issue a measurement protocol according to BGV B11. This document allows the customer to initialize corresponding measurements.