Preheating before welding | Preheating temperature

During welding of steel the structure inside the heat affected zone (beside the seam) becomes a hardness intensity which is negative for the quality. The process of hardness increases more quickly depending on the temperature difference between the seam and the area beside the seam. Therefore the welding parts need to be heated up to minimize the hardness intensity. The temperature to avoid cold cracks depends on the thickness of the work pieces, the heat dissipation, the alloy of the material and the heat treatment during the welding process.


Inductive preheating in pipeline construction

Due to quality requirements it is necessary to preheat the welding seams in pipeline and offshore constructions. The inductive preheating equipment meets a special challenge in building a welding seam for substructures like Tripods and Monopiles for offshore wind energy plants. The solid construction of the generators from LEIFERT Induction ensures a sophisticated tool for all requirements in pre-heating processes.


Air-Cooled Induction Heating Equipment | Flexible Coils

Especially for preheating of welding seams LEIFERT INDUCTION has developed a flexible, air cooled induction coil. Excellent mechanical features coupled with fireproofed materials build a special tool in the area of welding.